Shutter Styles

Choose according to function, use and type

Bay Windows

Flexible for almost any size or shape of window.

Tier on tier bifolding silk white shutte
White Shutters tier on tier style with T-P

Tier - on - Tier

Top louvres open independently of bottom ones for privacy and light control.

Stained wood shutter with tilt rod.jpg

Louvre Sizes

The wider the slat, the more light it lets in. Louvre sizes from 47 mm to 89 mm will cover all you need.


Exciting range of colours to suit your decor, special custom colours too.


Solid Panels

Solid wood doors that cover the window entirely for light and temperature control.

Solid painted pink shutter in a bedroom
Shaped shutter with round top hidden tilt

Curved Shutters

Flexible shape and size.

Cafe height basswood shutters closed wit

Cafe Style

Covers only part of window for privacy.

Tracked full shutters for doorways

Ideal for patio and bi-fold doors.

Bifolding kitchen cupboard doors on a tr

Plantation window shutters have been around for centuries for their looks, usefulness and properties. Modern technology and expertise allows shutters to be accurately made to measure. With so many options, shutters are making a huge comeback and their popularity is growing year on year. 

The main reasons for this popularity are:

The look of shutters - clean, neat lines enhance a room and can make windows seem bigger without intrusive poles, tracks, drapes or chains/cords.

Privacy - the louvres can be adjusted to keep prying eyes out whilst still letting in the light. Split tilt, cafe style or tier-on-tier window and door shutters allow privacy at the bottom whilst having the top open to the light and view.

Convenience - shutter louvres, or slats as some call them, are easy to open and close. There is a choice of tilt-rods, these can be positioned in the middle of each shutter door or offset left or right and are visible. Hidden tilt rods are also available, the mechanism to open and close the louvres is concealed within the sides of the shutter. 

Cleaning - so easy to keep clean, a wipe with a soft cloth or duster is usually all that is required. To clean the windows and sills behind the shutters just opening the whole shutter door allows access. 

Bay windows - may be difficult to dress with blinds and curtains. Shutters are ideal for curved, square, box or tapered bays. They allow light in during the day whilst still giving privacy and block out most of the incoming light when dark outside.

Large or unusual shaped windows - there is a trend for apex windows and patio doors to let more light in, which is great until the sun is too bright or someone needs to sleep or watch tv. Traditional coverings like curtains and blinds may not work in the space available. Shutters can be triangular or curved too, making them ideal solutions.

Louvre sizes - there are different sizes available, usually chosen to match the window size for aesthetic reasons but also to allow more or less of a view in or out. Large windows tend look better with bigger louvres to keep a sense of perspective. Small windows benefit from small to medium slats. At the end of the day the choice is up to the customer. Slat size usually does not affect the price.