Shutter Range

Six choices

Full height shutters with a hidden split

Monterey White Pine Wood

Affordable, durable and

Poly Splash Proof

Waterproof for bathrooms and even wet rooms.

Full height waterproof shutters in a bathroom

African Abachi Hardwood

Outstanding Quality lightweight hardwood panels.

Full height plantation shutter in grey
Tier on tier shutters in silk white

Poplar Tulip Hardwood

Smooth hardwood for large or commercial use

Solid hard wood shutters in Beech stain


Hardwood with beautiful grain for staining.

Top Quality Ash Wood

Deluxe range of superior quality hardwood


Shutters are available in different materials to suit different looks or to have the best benefits for particular windows and areas. For example, bathroom shutters are made from materials like Polyvinyl that are more suited to moist conditions. MDF is prone to swelling when absorbing water so, although they may look identical to the bathroom range, we would never use them in rooms or on windows that get splashed or wet. We want you to enjoy your shutters for as long as possible, they are not just a window covering but an integral part of your home. Therefore we don't sell MDF shutters, we use painted White Pine instead. This pine is slow grown in the cooler climes of the world so it is more durable than pine that is grown in warmer areas. Using pine is much better for the environment too. The forests are well-managed in Scandinavia, Canada or New Zealand. The wood can be easily recycled. And one of the biggest benefits is that it doesn't release formaldehyde into your home for years. Formaldehyde is toxic and can be breathed in or absorbed through the skin, it is a component of the glue used to create MDF or chipboard.

The size of the window may also dictate which range should be used. Larger windows benefit from strong but lighter weight wood such as Abachi and Basswood. The wood chosen should remain as stable as possible during temperature and moisture changes so we used well-seasoned timbers to minimise these effects.

The grain of the wood is also a factor when a stained finish is required. Woods have different graining patterns that can be enhanced to great effect with various coloured translucent stains. From the honey colour of oak to the dark chocolate of walnut, there are plenty of wood stains to choose from. Considerations when choosing stained wood are the grain - even, swirly, fine or coarse - and the colour. Flooring, furniture and balustrades or panelling may be echoed in the shutters, creating a balanced look to the room.

Our Solid Ash wood shutters are the ultimate in luxury. The even-grained wood is extremely hard and enduring. Stained or painted, this top-end ash wood is the best of the best. If only the best will do for you and you have a high-end property then ash would be the recommended choice.