5 Reasons to have window shutters

Internal window shutters are a rapidly growing trend but is there more to them than just fashion?

1. Shutters help control light in a room by letting more or less outside illumination in. Great for late summer nights when you want to go to sleep or you have a lamp post or signs nearby!

2. Shutters help with temperature. Closing them in the winter keeps the warmth in for longer and sunlight out in the summer.

3. Shutters help with privacy. They can be left partially open to let in light but block views into your room. Good for bathrooms, windows with passing traffic, large windows etc. Leaving them closed when you go away aren't as obvious as closed curtains.

4. Shutters help with security. There are models available with locks. They also shield from prying eyes when tilted or closed.

5. Shutters are easy to clean. Far easier than curtains or blinds, they simply need a wipe down from time to time. Or a vacuum cleaner with suitable attachment. Much better for those with asthma and allergies.

Allergy sufferers will benefit with less dust