Funny thing about window shutters ...

Are internal window shutters just a trend or do they add more than good looks? Shutters have neat, clean lines and make a room look finished off but are there other advantages we should know about.

They are perfect for privacy. By closing the louvres you can stop people seeing into your home or office whilst still allowing light in. You can even get split shutters (tier-on-tier) so you can open the louvres independently e.g. keep the top ones open and close the bottom. Curtains tend to block out all the view and need to be closed fully for privacy. Vertical blinds are the same. Roller blinds give privacy at the top when partly closed, hardly useful when it is people walking or driving past that you want to block out. Shutters can cover just part of the window (cafe style), usually the bottom section (a bit like cowboy bar doors), offering privacy to the required height. Popular in bathrooms, especially if you have one of those freestanding baths and clear window panes. Whilst its lovely taking in the view while bathing, do you really want anybody who happens to be on your property for whatever reason staring in?

They control light coming in. A must during summer when it is too light to sleep. Also work if there are streetlamps or other light sources. We sleep better in darker rooms. There is even a link between the amount of light at night and breast cancer. Closing the shutter and the louvres cuts down external light. Great for afternoon snoozes too.

They assist with temperature control. By closing shutters and louvres you keep more heat in the room. There are solid door shutters to help with draughts. Good for single glazed windows. Opening louvres enough to allow airflow but blocking out harsh sunlight keeps rooms cooler in summer.

They help with security. Keeping shutters and louvres closed while you are away can be less obvious than closed curtains. There are locks and bolts that can be fitted to add an extra layer of protection from break-ins.

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