Bathroom Shutters - do they really work?

So, are you thinking of how lovely and practical shutters could be in your bathroom but worried about making the choice? Keep reading for answers and put your mind at ease.

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Bathrooms are damp environments, sometimes with restricted ventilation, and usually pretty hostile to many traditional window coverings. Curtains can get mildewed or just be in the way. Blinds likewise. Leaving windows bare doesn't look as nice, or keep any cold out or warmth in. Sometimes even privacy isn't adequate if the window glass doesn't have much opacity, people outside might not be able to see in clearly but still see enough detail to make you feel exposed.

Our Bathroom shutter range is made from space-age materials to keep them light and water resistant. In our experience, once you get shutters they tend to remain closed. Just open the louvres to let in the required amount of light. You can get shutters with split sets of louvres so you can for instance keep the bottom ones closed for privacy and the top ones open for more light.

Cleaning shutters is a breeze, a light wiping is usually all that's required. They are built to last and should look good much longer than blinds or curtains. They also give any room the 'wow' factor, by letting in light and their clean, neat lines make the space seem bigger.

The shutters are tailor-made to fit each window and louvre sizes are chosen to maximise light and window proportions. Bathroom shutters really do work!

We come out with samples to show you, measure your windows and give you a quote reflecting our incredibly competitive prices. No pushy salespeople. No dodgy discount strategies. Just the genuine personal service we are known for.