Why are there different Louvre Shutter Sizes and How Do I Choose?

Most shutter ranges available these days come with a variety of louvres (the parts that move up and down) in different sizes. But why?

It comes down to 3 basic things:

1. Amount of light you want to let in

2. Size of the window the shutters cover

3. Personal taste

1. Light Control

Shutters are very useful when you want to vary incoming light. The wider louvres let in the most light when they are at right angles to the shutter door. You can see straight through to the scene outside as there are less 'lines' across your field of vision.

Narrower louvres break up the view more and let in a bit less light.

2. Window Size

Louvres look different within various frame sizes. An extremely large window or doorway may look too fussy with small louvres and that goes for the opposite too. A small window may look out of proportion with really wide louvres. However, it isn't necessarily a rule to use large with large and small with small. The character of the room may suit smaller louvres if you want a homely, cosy look and more privacy. Conversely, a contemporary room may suit wider louvres for a more modern look.

3. Personal Taste

You probably have an idea how you want your shutters to look and what functionality you require, therefore your own choice will be one that gets the best result.

To help you with your decision, we bring a collection of sizes and samples to show you how they look with regards to your windows. By showing you colours and styles in the comfort of your home you can relax and make the choice to suit you. No pushy salesmen, no hard sell with inflated prices that are 'discounted', just honest-to-goodness friendly service and genuine advice, that's Country Home Shutters in Harrogate. We also serve the surrounding areas and North Leeds.