5 Reasons why Plantation Shutters are better than Louvre Blinds

Louvre blinds and internal window shutters may look similar from the outside. But, their functionality is very different. Here are some reasons why:

1. Shutters block out more light when closed. They are in their own frame, so no light comes in down the sides like louvre blinds.

2. Shutters keep more heat in the room. When shutters are closed, they keep more warm air away from cooler window glass.

3. Shutters last considerably longer. The strings and mechanisms on blinds get affected by use and sun damage much quicker.

4. Shutters aren't noisy when the wind blows. Blinds get wafted about by the wind when windows are open and can be irritatingly noisy.

5. Shutters can be made in sections allowing some to be open whilst others are shut. Perfect for when you need privacy at one level but let light in on another.