Are Home Shutters Still a Timeless Classic?

We’ve all spent a lot more time in our homes recently so everyone is looking to revamp their interior decor. Interior design trends are constantly changing, so staying up to date is harder than ever.

But what about interior home shutters? Are they still as popular as they were during the time of the ancient Greeks? We believe they are and here’s how to choose the right window shutters to ensure your home remains on trend.

How to Pick the Right Window Shutters

If you're looking to revamp a room, you could spend thousands of pounds buying a new sofa, chairs, rug and carpets - not to mention redecorating. However, people often overlook their windows when overhauling their home decor. Shutters provide a cost-effective way of improving the look and feel of your home. Take a look at some of our past projects and decide for yourself.

There are lots of things to consider when selecting this versatile window treatment, such as the shutter size, choice of material and opening method. We would advise you to first think about how you will use your new shutters before you commit to the design.

For instance, will you open them on a regular basis or keep them closed and adjust the louvres to control the light levels in the room? We can provide you with expert advice on your requirements such as fixings, tracks, tilt rods and much more.

What Style of Shutter Should You Choose?

There is a plethora of different styles and at Country Home Shutters, we can provide you with all of the advice and knowledge you need to make the right decision for your home. Whatever option you go for, we recommend you choose according to function, use and type.

Tracked Shutters are ideal for large window areas, patio doors, or dividing spaces to separate rooms whilst providing privacy. Where long runs of individual shutter panels are needed, track shutters are the best option.

Cafe style shutters are half the height of full height style shutters, with panels covering the bottom half of a window only, leaving the top clear for maximum light. They are a great choice for rooms which require privacy over light reduction.

Bay window shutters will create that warm and comforting ambient atmosphere that so many people desire. On the days when you want your bay windows to flood your room with as much natural light as possible but retain an element of privacy, you can.

Tier on tier shutters have two sections - one on top of the other. These tiers can be opened and closed separately, providing you with full and flexible control of light and privacy. They are perfect for rooms on the ground floor.

Plain or Coloured Shutters?

At Country Home Shutters, we have a wide variety of colours on offer from the traditional to the dramatic. We even offer custom colours. Customising the colour of your shutters means they can be matched within a few shades to your home interior.

Coloured shutters are a growing trend and can be a stunning focal point. When deciding on the colour of your home shutters, you need to consider the look of your house. If you have a brick house then earthy hues and dark colours will tone in well. One the other hand, white is the perfect match for a home that is already colourful on its own.

We have a range of colours to suit your home design and style, from delicate pastels to bold and dramatic tones, custom colours are an exciting trend and we look forward to seeing just how creative our customers can get.

There are pros and cons to all shutter designs but we firmly believe that the window shutter will remain a classic of home style for years to come.