Can I have shutters in triangle windows?

The short answer is 'Yes'! You can have shutters in triangle or apex windows. In fact they are a very good solution to control privacy and light in these windows.

Often people have beautiful huge apex windows installed without thinking of what they will be like in the winter or during hours of darkness without a window covering. When the light is on inside, this can make things more visible from the outside. Even if you aren't overlooked, you may simply not enjoy the experience of being in a goldfish bowl so to speak. Large expanses of glass can seem bleak in the dark.

Traditional window coverings such as curtains may not be practical. Blinds may not work either.

Plantation shutter blinds can be made for triangle and curved windows. The louvres can be tilted to control light. For the most part the top shutters can be hinged to fold down for cleaning access. Depending on size and shape, some can open sideways like conventional doors.

They provide a lasting and effective dressing for unusual and big windows. Not to mention they always look sleek, neat and finish a room.

Here at Country Home Shutters in Harrogate we have the expertise and the skills to design and install wood plantation shutters on even difficult or shaped windows.