Can you have Shutters in a bathroom?

white bathroom shutter

Shutters look really neat and contemporary in a bathroom. The louvres can be tilted to allow light and

ventilation in the room. Closing the louvres can help regulate the temperature by stopping warm air hitting the cold of the window glass. Whilst most bathrooms have frosted or patterned glass to increase privacy, shapes and outlines may still be visible from outside, especially if the light is on and it is dark outside. Shutters can help with this too, by increasing privacy.

But, there is one big problem with having shutters in a bathroom. There can be a lot of moisture in the air after steamy baths or showers. There may even be water splashes from shower heads or overzealous activities, usually from children and pets. So, the most important thing is to make sure the shutter is made of suitable materials. Not always easy to tell, as different materials can look exactly the same. Make sure you are getting your shutters from a trustworthy supplier. Proper bathroom shutters are usually made from two materials to handle the moisture. Polyvinyl is a popular choice and is usually at a lower price point. However, if the window is large, polyvinyl may be too heavy and the alternative should be used. Basswood (or similar) is a very light but strong timber used extensively for shutters. The wood is then painted up to 9 times with a water-resistant coating. This is preferable for large windows. Bathroom shutters should also have the correct hinges and fittings. Stainless steel and nylon last longer in damp conditions. Standard shutter fittings may rust so shouldn't be used. Here at County Home Shutters we even coat the screws to protect them from moisture.

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