Shutters for bay windows

Bay windows can be difficult to dress. Often they are quite large and dominate the room. Curtains and blinds are usually the modern choice but in the past, solid shutters were used as well. There are a few things to consider. Size, privacy, heat loss and cluttering the space.

What is physically possible to install, and not necessarily aesthetics often dictate bay window dressing.

Heavy curtains keep the warmth in and the sun out but can overpower the room, especially if they are full-length. Curtains sill-length can look odd and break up the space. Choosing the right track or pole can be difficult too.

Blinds can help but aren't great if you need privacy at the bottom and light at the top. There may also be gaps down the sides between them.

Could plantation shutters be a solution? Firstly, they look timeless and elegant. Secondly, they can be left shut and the louvres opened to let in light but still be private. Thirdly, they come with their own frame so no bulky fittings to intrude into the room. Fourthly, they are an investment and add value to your home.

Shutters are a great option for bay windows.

We are proud of our numerous bay window shutter installations in and around Harrogate, North Yorkshire (including York, Leeds, Otley, Ilkley, Thirsk, North Stainley, Topcliffe, Green Hammerton, Wetherby and all the places in-between).

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