CHS – The History of window shutters

A home feature with function and style that is as relevant today as it ever was

The humble window shutter can boast a consistency of function and purpose that has lasted for millennia.

The reasons that the ancient Greeks used them are the same reasons they retain their status today as a popular interior design feature in homes across the UK.

The flexibility of shutter designs means they are able to control heat, light and ventilation while at the same time offering security and privacy. It’s a remarkable list of benefits.

And of course they offer an aesthetically pleasing aspect as a classic home design feature, so loved by Georgian England.

Greek Beginnings

As with many architectural features, it was the Greeks who fully established the use of interior shutters. Crafted from marble, they served as a mechanism for cooling their homes in the sun.

The use of shutters travelled with trade and commerce across the Mediterranean countries and the rest of Europe.

As time passed, wood replaced marble and the principal functions were less about keeping interiors cool and more about keeping exteriors secure.

Global Appeal

Here in the UK, a few examples of historic shutters survive on medieval buildings but their popularity grew in the Tudor period when unglazed windows needed additional security and heat retention.

By the 17th century, shutters were in their heyday which lasted well into the 18th century.

By then, while still practical, shutters were more a home design feature to enhance the appearance of buildings, especially of the more grand houses and palaces. Louis 14th of France had louvre shutters installed at his court.

Shutters, as home décor, also reached America thanks to the arrival of the French and Spanish and the plantation shutter was created; so named as it was mainly found in the southern states.

Stylish and Practical

We at Country Home Shutters know, with our experience and knowledge, all about the positive features of shutter styles, which are more relevant than ever before.

As we meet the challenges of energy sustainability and greenhouse gas emissions, shutters have a role to play.

For example, they can insulate rooms as they provide a warmer layer in contact with the air rather than a cold window pane.

In fact, Historic England, the public body that preserves and lists the country’s historic buildings, carried out some research of its own a few years ago into traditional windows.

It found that using interior shutters could reduce heat loss through the panes of windows by around 60 per cent, a performance which cannot be ignored in our energy conscious world today.

Tailor-made shutters

While the practical aspects of shutters may take centre stage in interior design, their style and elegance as a home feature has not been lost.

We offer a wide selection of tailor-made shutters in a range of responsibly-sourced woods that come in styles that are sure to match your taste and your requirements.

Our shutter styles

bring elegance and discretion to your living room or a splash of fun and colour in your kitchen.

And at Country Home Shutters, customer satisfaction is paramount so we will carry out an evaluation in your own home and put together a proposal with competitive rates.

Our shutters are solid wood and manufactured and installed for you and only you.

If you want to transform your home and make it more secure, warmer and cooler and boost the privacy of you and your family, then get in touch with us at Country Home Shutters, we would be delighted to hear from you.