How do Round Window Shutters Work?

Round window shutter made from stained hardwood
Beautiful stained wood round window shutter

Windows can be a circle, half circle or just be rounded at the top like a fan. Shutters work surprisingly well on these kinds of windows. With modern technology, precise slat or Louvre and frame shapes can be manufactured to suit a lot of different shapes.

The complete circle shutter can have slats open or closed, usually able to be moved manually, to control light and privacy.

Chosen in a colour or natural stain they can give a room the wow factor.

The advantage of round shutters is that they are a useful solution to a difficult window problem. There are few other options for round windows as most are square or rectangular like curtains and blinds. Using these other options tend to detract from the shape of the window, not enhance it.

Round shutters are a neat solution. No need for drapes of fabric or headrails to spoil the aesthetics.

There are a few different designs. Size and functionality may dictate what type or style is best suited to the particular window.

Shutters for round windows are specially made to measure
Round shutter options

Round shutters are a beautiful and practical way to dress otherwise difficult windows. They last an extremely long time and are easy to clean.

How do they open? Well, the louvres or slats can be opened or closed manually just by moving them or using the tilt rod (if supplied). The louvres are connected to the frame and centre by spindles. These allow them to be tilted open, closed or somewhere in-between. Depending how they are connected, sections of louvres move together so you don't have to touch each one. There is also a motorised option. Battery operated motors with a remote control mean that even hard to reach windows can have shutters. Quite ingenious.

Some styles are hinged in sections so the whole 'door' can be opened for cleaning or access to the windows behind. Others have a completely removable inner part, rather like a porthole. Like this stylish grey one below, specially made for a smallish window. The rod down the middle opens and shuts the louvres. The middle section with the louvres can be removed to clean or open windows behind it. You don't even have to have a visible tilt rod because an integrated tilt mechanism is available too. The slats are simply opened or shut by manually moving them.

Special shape round porthole window shutter with mid tilt rod, plantation shutters
Totally round porthole shaped shutter

Louvres or slats can vary according to what is best for the size of the window or section. This may be dictated by how the shutter will be used or how much light is preferable. When all the louvres are shut tight, they block out a significant amount of light so great for bedrooms (it is good to know they work well at blocking out lots of light but cannot block out the light completely, there is a solution for that using a blackout blind behind the shutter but currently it only works with rectangular shutters). They can also aid in controlling temperature by reducing the amount of warm air lost during winter or cold air lost from aircon during summer.

What are they made out of?

If the window is in a bathroom or moist area then the shutters should be manufactured from PVC with a moisture resistant coating. MDF is not suitable as any moisture ingress cause the fibres to swell. The swelling distorts the parts and doors may get stuck or won't close, they can also warp. The only solution would be replacement when this happens. Solid wood shutters may be able to withstand some moisture depending on what wood type. The hardwoods fair better. But eventually doors may become harder to open and close. The good thing is they can usually be sanded or planed. Moisture damaged MDF can't.

For other windows where moisture is not an issue, coated MDF is often used. MDF is usually the entry-level priced product which makes it very popular. However, solid wood is best for longevity. (Here at Country Home Shutters we price our painted solid pine shutters at the same or less than most other suppliers MDF so you can afford to have wood).

Hardwood shutters can be made of Basswood, Poplar, Tulipwood, Teak etc. They are mostly used for the stained finish so the wonderful woodgrain can be seen through the colour of the stain. Some of these woods are extremely hard and long-lasting, they can be around for centuries. As the hard wood is more expensive and takes more time to process, sometimes blunting a lot more blades than any of the other materials currently used for plantation shutters, the price point is higher too. If you like the natural wood look then these are well worth the extra cost.

Of course the same goes for semi-circular or other types of rounded window. Plantation shutters are one of the best solutions for these shapes too.

Special shaped window shutter for round windows with moveable louvres and mid tilt rod
Round top white window shutter

The good news doesn't stop there. Plantation window shutters can also be used on apex or triangular windows. Even irregular shaped triangles or quadrilaterals can usually be accommodated by skilled installers.

Triangle shaped window shutter with top opening panel and mid tilt rod
White triangle shaped plantation shutter in a bedroom

Window shutters are gaining in popularity around the globe because of their sleek, neat appearance. They can be neutral coloured to blend in with the decor scheme in the room without fighting for attention with the other elements such as furniture, soft-furnishings, flooring etc. Or they can be in contrast to the rest of the room and create a stunning focal point like the picture below.

White window shutter on angular shaped window, special shape plantation shutters
Irregular shaped shutter in a bedroom

Shutters can also be painted in so many custom colours there is bound to be the shade you want. Whether its pastel shades or something bold, coloured shutters are a growing trend. They can give any room the wow factor and create a stunning focal point. If you have dark, moody colour scheme then charcoal greys, navy, aubergine, bottle green or even black could be used to tone in with other decor.

Dark green palette for custom shutter colours
Moody dark greens

Dark to light grey colour palette for shutters
Moody greys

Custom shutter colours dark blue
Moody dark blues

Custom colour turquoise full height patio door shutter with window shutters
Turquoise full height shutters on patio doors

Here at Country Home Shutters in the North of England we are proud to be able to offer the expertise and experience necessary. Personalised service ensures our detailed attention.