Shutters to block out light

Window or plantation shutters can block out a certain amount of light on their own. But to make sure, we also supply and fit shutters with a tensioned pleated blind built into the frame behind the shutter doors. This blind is perfectly positioned to allow for opening and closing of the louvres (slats). The result is remarkable. During the day the blinds can be opened so natural light can flood in and the view can be seen from indoors. The blockout blind stows away into a neat profile at the top, ready to be pulled down for use. The light during late nights and early mornings of summer can be mitigated by using this shutter / blind combo. Or use them for a nap during the day. Especially useful in babies or children's rooms to help them sleep longer as they tend to wake when it's light.

We have two versions of this shutter / blind combo depending on what suits your window best. We only supply and install shutters made of solid wood, we do not use any MDF, believing that our customers should get the best quality at great prices. Because of that, our shutters last a long time, and could be repainted if necessary in the future (a finicky job but it can be done). Wood is a natural product and does not exude formaldehyde like MDF does, therefore it should at the very least be used for children's rooms. Man-made board can outgas toxic fumes for up to 12 years.

If you are looking for a solution to reduce light coming in your windows then we highly recommend getting these shutter / blackout blind combo's.

Reason to buy: Easy to clean, easy to open and close, look sleek and neat, made of solid wood