Which Louvre or Slat size should you choose for your Shutter?

The louvre or slat size changes the amount of light coming in, the view looking out and the overall look of the shutter. But which one should you choose?

The most popular size is the medium 76 mm or 3" louvre. Around 70% of our shutters use this size.

There are a few things to consider when choosing the slat size and most domestic windows fall in the medium category. Generally speaking, the smaller windows suit smaller slats and very large windows suit the large ones to keep a sense of proportion.

Slats that are too small for a window can make the shutter look busy and compromise the external view. However, if blocking out the view is preferable then smaller slats could be the best option. Also, if the window gets lots of bright sunlight, less space between the slats keeps the room cooler and darker. Great for warm, sunny countries.

Very large windows benefit from the proportions of large louvres which would look out of place on a small shutter. They may also look better in darker colours or stains, allowing more light in and more of the view from outside.

Whatever shutter Louvre size you choose depends on your personal taste and the look or functionality you prefer.

Here at Country Home Shutters in North Yorkshire our experienced staff are able to advise you and show you examples. Ultimately the decision is up to you which size to have. But whatever size that is, it is bound to look stunning on your window or windows.