Why have shutters

What is the purpose of having shutters?

Shutters are a timeless way of covering your windows. They are good for privacy, light control and help with temperature regulation. They also last a very long time if they are made from materials like wood. Are shutters a good idea?

They are a great idea. If you like their neat, contemporary look then they can be one of the best window coverings you can get. Shutters are easy to clean and maintain. The doors can be opened to access and clean the windows behind. You do not need any other window covering if you have shutters. What kind of shutters are best?

Shutters are made from a few different materials.

Entry-level quality is MDF. Medium density fibreboard is coated for colour and protection.

It's drawbacks are:

swell up if in contact with moisture

heavy so not suitable for tier-on-tier or very large windows

Extruded plastic-type materials.

Drawbacks are:

not all poly shutters are equal in quality, inferior made shutters may not have strong louvres and they come out of their housing at the sides, rendering the shutter practically useless.

some poly upvc does not have enough UV protective chemicals (they add to manufacturing cost) os louvres become brittle over time, they may crack or come loose

Shutters are made by inserting the louvres before completing the frame, therefore they are difficult to fix and damaged shutters normally have to be replaced.

How much is a pair of shutters?

This all depends on the size and material but you can expect to pay upwards of £250 for fully fitted shutters

Should I get DIY shutters?

If you have technical experience and the correct tools then you could save money by installing shutters yourself.

However, if anything goes wrong and you have to reorder then the saving usually isn't much or anything.

The biggest mistakes made with do it yourself shutters are getting the measurements wrong, getting the design wrong and not having the correct tools to install them properly. Most houses do not have perfectly squared window recesses so fitting can be challenging. Messing up the installation can result in having to reorder, living with unsightly gaps or shutter doors and louvres that do not have the space to operate correctly.

A fully fitted service saves you time, drill bits and even money if you make any mistakes. Some suppliers offer finance so you can spread the cost.