Will interior shutters add value to my house?

How much value will interior shutters add to my home? The answer to this question will vary massively depending on the home, shutter style, size and colour chosen. Having said that, interior shutters are the perfect choice for homeowners looking to add a touch of functionality, luxury, and elegance to their homes.

When Looking to Move or Rent Your Property

Whether you’re looking to move or rent your property in 6 months or 6 years, interior shutters are a long-term investment that can bring a contemporary feel to your home. Especially since the initial impression of a property is becoming increasingly important to prospective buyers, as shown in a 2019 YouGov survey, where 68% said the kerb appeal was the most important feature when buying a property.

Though, if you intend to get interior shutters to increase the value of your property, it is crucial to invest in high quality ones and to have them professionally installed. As prospective buyers will know immediately if your interior shutters are of low quality and have been poorly installed. Thus, quality counts with interior shutters, else you risk ruining the kerb appeal of your home.

Why Interior Window Shutters are a Great Option

Interior shutters are a great choice over curtains or blinds due to their durability and timeliness nature. They can also be easily customised and personalised to fit your own style and taste.

It is simply a personal choice as to whether you choose to get painted or stained interior shutters. Though, it is important to keep in mind that dark colours are not to everyone’s taste, particularly since they can break up a room and help it to feel smaller. Typically, neutral paint shades or lighter stains are favoured as they help open up a room and make it feel bigger. Neutral interior shutters are also more beneficial if you intend to sell your property in the future, as they help prospective buyers envision themselves and their furniture within the property.

The Functionality of Interior Shutters

Interior shutters do more than just improve the look and feel of your interior spaces, they also offer a high level of functionality. For instance, interior shutters provide light and privacy control, and help to reduce utility bills as they provide an extra layer of insulation – great news in today’s climate where bills are continuously increasing!

Finally, interior shutters are very low-maintenance in comparison to curtains or blinds, as they are easy to clean; you either need to run a damp cloth or a hoover nozzle over them. So, there’s no more need to faff around with taking your curtains and blinds up and down, and having to pay expensive dry cleaner bills.

Overall, interiors shutters help to elevate the look and feel of your home while providing a high level of functionality, adding both financial and aesthetic value to your home.